Our Voice: Clarissa

Yesterday we helped create a website for our youth group “Street Level”. We used WordPress for the basis of the site and we got to choose the design and pictures for it. We used pictures from our other projects during youth to help create it.

Before I did this project I had little knowledge of coding because we did it briefly at school but now I have a better understanding of it and I find it easier to do. We used coding to add the youth group’s information. It is really useful to know things like coding because if you have it on your cv, it has the potential to make you more desirable to potential employers. Coding is a good skill to learn and it is fun to do it.

Working in a team is so much easier than doing it by yourself and it is much more fun as well because I get along well with everyone in the team. I have learnt that making a website is not as easy as it sounds and you have to know the minimum about that website to get around it easily.

Our Voice: Joshua

Both yesterday and today our youth group came together to work on a project for Street Level, we creating a website to showcase all we are about. We used WordPress to create our website and we took pictures from other workshops we have done, we also learnt about coding and t how to upload pictures on a website. I really enjoy it and I would like to do it again.

Our Voice: Ednabel

Yesterday, our youth group leaders held a mini workshop to teach us how to make our own website. To learn this skill, we made this website you are now on: “Streetlevel.org.uk” youth group.

It was really exciting because making a website involves a lot of coding behind the scenes which we got to use and see how it is done.  To make this website, we used images from our creative me project back in October. This project was all about photography and we had the opportunity to take professional pictures of our friends and the surroundings. It was a two day project and on the first day we went brick lane and focused on the scenery and then on the second day we had a professional photo shoot which was very educational and fun.

To make our website, we used WordPress which allowed us to access many pre-made templates. We went through the samples and chose the one that suited our youth environment and looked the most creative. Once we chose the one we liked, we edited it and added our pictures and used coding to add information.

I really enjoyed this workshop because it taught me a lot of skills which i can use in the future as creating websites is a very important and useful skill in life.